Coaching is an immensely powerful way of getting outstanding performance
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Coaching can play an extremely important part in the development of people and raising their performance levels. It is the perfect way of improving performance at work without incurring the high costs of sending people on courses.

Here at Aurora TDS, we offer coaching that will improve the performance of your people and your teams. When Performance Coaching is conducted well, results are likely to be seen quickly. This is why our dedicated team of experienced coaches make it their business to ensure that your people excel in yours.

Perhaps there is too much unproductive conflict in your organisation, coaching can help with that; perhaps some staff with high potential are under-performing, coaching is great for developing confidence; perhaps your organisation is undergoing change, coaching can help; perhaps some staff need to consider alternative careers, coaching can certainly help them.

Furthermore, some organisations are changing their management style from command and control to something more effective in the modern world of business and work. They are adopting a coaching style of management and re-training their managers accordingly.

This is having a massive positive impact on businesses as people throughout organisations become well led, are empowered to take responsibility, become accountable for achieving results and are supported in striving to perform to the very best of their ability.

Case Study

Our client (a commercial business), by its own admission, is coasting along ... reasonably successfully.  But its bottom line has flattened and its owners are anxious!  It sees more effective leadership and management as the solution for improving its market share, finding new business, creating new innovative products, improving the quality of its products and services, reducing costs and delighting its customers.

This client has been working with us for just a few days a month over the past 5 months on improving leadership and management skills through coaching and it is already making noticeable progress against its key performance indicators.

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