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Management is a set of essential skills.  Research by a number of respected bodies shows that poor management is one of the most common reasons for people to leave their jobs.  High levels of staff turnover are expensive in terms of selection, recruitment and productivity.

Whilst management training is important for newly appointed supervisors, managers and executives, for a variety of reasons not everyone has the chance to attend courses to help ease them into their new roles. Indeed, sending people on long management courses is notoriously ineffective if there is no support to help them apply new learning back in the workplace. 

At Aurora TDS we deliver short courses covering specific management subjects required by our clients.  We then help managers to apply their new skills and knowledge in their workplaces through on-going individual and group coaching.   And this works!  It is effective!  The managers we train become good (some would say 'great') at managing and the businesses and organisations in which they work start to thrive and excel.

Our courses, which we call seminar days, are designed to be interactive, practical experiences. New, essential knowledge is covered briefly and supported with exercises, discussions and problem solving or planning tasks. And we take into account a variety of learning styles by using group work and individual reflection time, video material and occasionally role play too.

Why do we take this approach?  Because research shows that adults learn best by doing stuff - not listening to theory!  This 'doing stuff' does actually have a technical name: experiential learning.  And we maximise its use in all the training courses we run.

 If you are looking for Management Training that works and is great value for money you have found the right place.

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