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Belbin Team Roles Training

Belbin Team Roles

Any type of training is important but it can be expensive. You have fees to pay, travel costs to meet and time away from work to take into account, therefore money invested in training should be spent wisely and with a company you can trust.

Aurora TDS recognises that the costs of training can be high, which is why we work with you to ensure that every penny you spend represents great value for money. We offer a number of services including Belbin team development training, leadership and management development, coaching and mentoring.

The Belbin team development we offer at Aurora TDS has received some incredible feedback, with managers and teams informing us that they now think differently about how they work together and, just as importantly, how they think about themselves.

Our Belbin Team training programmes, based on Dr Meredith Belbin’s nine team roles, enable people to understand their strengths and how they can be applied to create highly effective teams.

High quality training is essential for organisations that wish to excel. That is why we design our courses and programmes around our clients’ precise requirements. We help organisations to develop their leaders and managers and get the very best performance from staff at all levels. And we do this in a variety of ways. We run courses, we provide on the job training, we engage in mentoring, we provide individual coaching and we go to considerable lengths to ensure that what is learned in theory is put into practice at work.

In short, we work with you to ensure the money you invest in Belbin training is spent effectively and that the results in terms of improved performance are clear for all to see.

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